Apr. 20th, 2011 07:50 pm
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I am in "factoring trinomials whose leading coefficient is 1" hell.  I spent an hour trying to do my homework and got none correct.  Grrr.  Demoralizing.  So I'm going to try to watch more youtube tutoring lessons and see if I can understand it.  I understood it last night.  Now- it's gone.

Enough whining.  Did I post this yet?  If I did, too bad, I'm posting it again. I think it's safe to say here, but on Supernatural, I love the angels.  They are more interesting than Dean and Sam.  Yes, I love the boys too, but it was Cas and the gang that really got me into Show.

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My apartment is so unbelievable stale!  But it's 24F (-4C)  outside so I can't leave the windows open.  Gah!  It smells like cat food and dirty clothes.

Oh, and you best not be trying to reach me tonight between 9 - 10 pm Pacific.  SPN tonight! 
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*do not* read the threads on GW.  You know better....

(except Con threads. Those are sane)
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Someone in my apartment building is blasting their stereo at 9:30 pm on a Wednesday.  It's the base that is coming through my walls.  I had to keep turning the TV up so loud that I finally turned it off.  If this is still going at 10, I'm busting heads.  I don't mind the weekend, but I gotta get up early tomorrow.  Grrrr

Oh, I like this Radiohead song. But I also have earphones.

Now, this guy is going through the 'Hail to the Thief' album and playing half a song and skipping to the next song. 

Update- 10:05 they turned the stereo off.  Thank you!


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