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Richard Speight Jr added for Saturday at Vancouver SPN con! 

MISHA, MATT, RICHARD, still my heart
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The Snowpocalysp a no show, so far.  It's snowing in Olympia, so I guess the storm is still coming.  It better be- 2 1/2 hours on the bus to get home.  Grumble. 

All these con posts are making me antsy.  I wanna go to a con RIGHT NOW.  It's an addiction.

Flist roll call-

Are you going to a con?  If so, which ones?  I'm going to Stargate Vancouver in April (no ticket but I will be in the back), Stargate Chicago in August (Seat 5C-  Third row!!!) and Supernatural Vancouver in August (no ticket because I am waiting to see what day Misha will be there).  EDIT- Misha confirmed for Saturday in Vancouver!

What say you guys?  OR- have you never been to a con, but are thinking about it?  Let me know.  I can walk you through the squee.  You really should go, if you can.  So MUCH FUN.
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Ok- I'm gonna take my math placement test this week.  I was doing all sorts of practice to get ready, but I'm done.  It's making me more freaked out than anything else.  I already have math anxiety and this is not helping.  If I have to repeat a math class I got a C in 3 years ago, then I have to repeat that class.  Why get all upset about it?  I got better things to worry about.  All part of trying to be more healthy.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  

12 days until the Chicago convention!  Woot!
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Thanks for [ profile] vecturist  for the heads up

Jason Momoa out of the Chicago con

Damn it- He and Rainbow were the last 2 members I haven't seen.  *sulks*
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Hey all you Gatecon-ers.  Getting ready for next weekend's squee fest?  As some of you know, I am not going to Gatecon. I will be going to the Creation Chicago Con.  Why?  I'll give you a hint- his initials are D.I.H. and he's freaking awesome.  Anyhoo- I was thinking about popping over the border and hanging out with you guys.  It's been a while since I've seen the gang.  I was thinking Saturday evening, after the main panels and during the Qi Gong demo.  I don't know if you guys want to hit the auction afterwards, but we could stay downtown and grab some dinner somewhere.  If we want to hit an area away from downtown, I can park close by.  Otherwise, I was thinking of parking in a lot and taking the Skytrain around.  We have a week, so no hurry.  
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David Hewlett is like catnip.  Sprinkle him on the floor and I will roll around

I need to do my con report and my meet & greet report, but that will have to wait until the earliest Sunday. Now that I'm working (Happy) I need get some stuff done after work and I think I will need to get to bed early this week to make up for the lack of sleep this weekend.  Not a lack of squee, tho.  Thanks to all the gang who had our pizza and squee super fangirl party in room 909 Sunday night.  

David + Joe = love

P.S. I looked into flights to Chicago in August. Looks like around $311.  What I do for those men.  
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135 of the Hewliganian pics ever! Ok, well, hyperbole much?  I was in row M and had my dinky 12 megapixel camera on me.  I went for the wuv

Minneapolis 2010

Again- feel free to snerch!  These pics are not the best, so use them as you will.  Make David and Joe proud!

Thanks to all my friends.  Now I'm looking at flights to Chicago.  Bad me!
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Greetings!  I made it to Minneapolis Friday night around 10pm Central Time.  Yesterday, we romped around downtown and made it to Target.  We never made it to the river, but that's ok because it was raining and about 10 blocks away.

Ok- we're off to breakfast then David and Joe day.  Pics later.  But in the fine tradition of cons, I present to you-
The Marriott Minneapolis City Center Hotel Carpet:

Pic for size )
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Hi kids!  I'm in the Marriott Hotel getting ready to plow through the city.  We've had breakfast and a few cups of coffee.  Pre-Reg is at noon then [ profile] vecturist  should arrive.  I'll post some pics when I can.

Oh, and Central Time change sucks.  I had to get up 2 hours earlier than normal.  Grumble
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Whew!  Dodged a bullet.  I was thinking how sad it is that I will be in town in January after the last 2 years of going to the UK.  Then I checked out the Wolf Events Stargate World lineup:

Wolf Stargate Worlds 22-24 January 2010

London Thistle Hotel
Bath Road
Longford Village

Dan Payne
(Lt. Reed / Super Soldier / Wraith Warrior)
Garry Chalk (Colonel Chekov)
Patrick Currie (Fifth)
Paul McGillion (Carosn Beckett) 
(Please note as always appearance is and will be subject to work commitments).

Guest no longer attending

Rachell Luttrell
James Bamford
Julia Benson

I feel so much better that I decided to go to Vancouver instead.
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Just for the heck of it, I checked out Wolf's website for the SG World's convention.  Just Bam-Bam is confirmed.  Still at the Thistle. 
I think I might check out Dragon Con next year, if David will be there.  

Back to the couch to rest some more. 

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To all my peeps heading off to Vancouver- Have a great time!  I wish I could be there, but one convention a year is enough

Big "what Ups" to the Western Washington crew.  No molesting Michael, you hear?

Pic from 07.  Not the best one, but  hey.

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To all my peeps heading off to Vancouver- Have a great time!  I wish I could be there, but one convention a year is enough

Big "what Ups" to the Western Washington crew.  No molesting Michael, you hear?

Pic from 07.  Not the best one, but  hey.



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