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added to Saturday Supernatual Vancouver Convention!!!
Pics of this sexy mofo here

Dude- I got my ticket today O-15 for Saturday only (Aug 27th). Anyone else going? 

(fingers crossed now for Mark Sheppard on Saturday, too)
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It's snowing like mad in Bellingham.  We're taking our time heading out this morning. Sorry for the delay to all we were going to see.  My Honda is not equipped for snow driving.
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Here is the 2011 Stargate Vancouver Convention schedule.

Oh, Creation. Why do you do this to us?

Saturday, April 16

-----1:30 pm Joe Flanigan Meet & Greet for 10 lucky fans. SOLD OUT!
-----1:30 pm Photo Ops with David Hewlett, tickets at registration for $40

At the same time, guys? Really?  Not that I have a Flaniagn M&G ticket, but really?

Today, I gotta get an inflatable mattress at lunch.  I might have a chance to eat something.  Then I have to go to school from 4 to 6 to work with Hottie Teacher since he says Thursday's class is really important.  He's gonna give me personal time for tutoring.  Heh heh heh. I'm such a shamless hussy, of course I agreed.  Then rush home at 6 to finish getting the house together.  Then down to Seatac by 9 to pick up the gang.  

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Finished my math homework!  Gonna start my business paper tomorrow at lunch.  I need to turn in my business stuff Wed night since I'll be at the con Sunday when it's due.

Two days till the gang arrives!  House still in disorder but getting there.  Cat fur down to a dull minimum.  Going to get an inflatable air mattress tomorrow since I got my financial aid check today.

Can I tell you how happy I am that I came of age before the internet was a household item? I was reading on another site (not this one) people really upset that they were de-friended.  By people they don't know.  Seriously?  Why bother?  You don't know them.  This isn't your best friend.  Sheesh, some random person online didn't like your J2 story and you're falling to pieces.  Kids today (adjusts onion belt)

This is my new happy place. DJ-Rhino in da hizzle! Here's the original clip  HERE

Oh weekend

Apr. 9th, 2011 10:58 am
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Won't be on much this weekend- I might stop by for a much needed break.  This is my last weekend to get the house in order before guests.  So it's stripping couch covers off and steam cleaning carpets to dusting to pretty much everything. I can do it, but I also have homework on top of that. Both my math and my business class homework to do.  Woe is, I can get it done fine.  To clean my house takes me a total of 3 hours and to detail clean- add another 2 hours to that.  3 hours today, 2 tomorrow and I'm done.  Going out dancing with [ profile] torra  tonight.  Never been salsa dancing before so this will be a fun evening.  

Until then, I'll leave you with pics from the SPN Rome con today. Enjoy!

Damn right

Mar. 7th, 2011 02:42 pm
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Congratulations you have won item:

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Hey kiddos!  I was going to post tonight, but I was able to get through the financial aid line quickly and I have a bit before my first class

We should start to get a plan together for Vancouver!!!

As most of you guys know, I live in Seattle, which is just a quick hop south from Stargate Central.  I have a small apartment in Nor Seattle with a queen bed, two couches and I can get a new inflatable mattress after Simon popped the last one (Waves at [ profile] mapsandlegends )  

Somethings right off the bat:
1) I am working full time now.  I will be able to get time off from work, but once I have the dates, they are kinda set in stone, so I would like to get my time off in to my boss early.
2) I am also going to school in the evenings.  Today is the 1st day of the Winter Quarter and April is Spring Quarter so it's too early to know what dates I'll be free.  I just switched to Mon & Wed classes so I if this works out, I will continue next quarter. If I have class on the Wed of the con, I could let you guys head up earlier in the day and then drive up on my own since I'm use to it.
3) I have 2 cats.  I'm sure you know this but they are spoiled housecats and they are not the pet in the household- I am. So they will be there. They are 100% indoor cats.  If you choose to stay at my place, you may get viciously slobbered on by one of both of them (waves at [ profile] pavaneofstars ).

I am planning on cheap seats since I spent so much on my Chicago tickets (3rd row!!!) and I really don't care about the set tour, so I am pretty easy about when to go up.  I want to see all the guests so we can decide when to arrive.  Again DAVID AND JOE AND KAVAN AND DAVID AND THE GANG!

What say you?
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OK kids!  Who wants to room? Anyone need to fly into Seattle and drive up?  I can fit 5 in my car (Tested it this year.  It's tight but do-able) but 4 might be more comfortable.  I will need to buy a new air mattress since Simon popped the last one.

David H
David N
Chris J
Robert Davi
Chris H

The list goes on and on!
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More on the convention with added squee:


This better work or I'll cry )

Here is my photobucket album of David and Joe.  I just threw everything in there.  Some pics are crappy but some are great. 
Again, my rule on snerching is open. Take whatever you want.  These pics are not professional, so go for it.  I believe in sharing the Hewligan love!
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I'm going to break my con report into 2.  I typed up half and have to run to the store, so I thought I'd give you a bit now:
David Hewlett is Awesome )
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I've already gotten 2 calls for temp work today.  I emailed my agencies and they want me to start asap.  One might need me tomorrow.

I know I need to do a con report. I will.  I also need to do a report on the Hewlett Meet & Greet.  As soon as laundry is done.

Pimmpin' ain't easy )

Yes, that is my hand on his shoulder.  I got to touch THE shoulder.  

More pics

Apr. 19th, 2010 08:19 pm
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Hanging with [ profile] pavaneofstars , [ profile] strivaria  and [ profile] nakedwesley .  We're going through pics.

Hot men and me )
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I'm not gonna have much time to give info, but I will when the squee stops. 


Who is Mr Tummy? )

Going home

Apr. 19th, 2010 08:00 am
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Heading home today, but before I do.......

Let's chat )


Apr. 19th, 2010 01:43 am
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It's late but a taste of tonight

12 hours

Apr. 17th, 2010 11:45 pm
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12 hours give or take until I meet David Hewlett.  OMG. 
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Chicken butt

My friends are SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool.  They bought me a Meet and Greet ticket with





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Probably my last post before the con. My friends start to arrive this afternoon.  See you all in Vancouver!  I'm G28.  I'll also be the one with the McKay chibi tote bag.
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snerched from somewhere.  If you did this, let me know.  If you want it removed, tell me


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