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First day back in school and I'm already exhaused.  Astronomy looks like fun, but the math might be hard.  To place in this class, you need to be at a math level one down from me.  The teacher expects us to be 2 levels ahead of me.  D'oh.  Google will be my friend in this class, I reckon.  I'm not planning on being a astrophyisist, no matter how fun McKay makes it out to be.  In my math class, I'm the only person from my last class in this one.  I know only a friend of a friend.  One person from my last class said he was signed up last spring, but either dropped, was a no show, or is haivng medical issues (reason he had to retake from being out so much). I'm in a table with some kids right out of high school again. They are so cute!

Last call for GeekGirlCon.  Please let me know asap.
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One final down, one final to go.

Took my business final online last night. We have until Wed, but I decided to get it over with asap so I can concentrate on my math and watch some of the game on Wednesday.  440 out of 500.  I've been getting 85-100% on all the tests and 100% on all the weekly assignments, so I'm not worried about that class.

Today and Thursday are my last classes (possibly ever) with Hottie Teacher *frowny face*.

So by this time next week, I should be back to full time fangirling.  If I've ignored your posts or not responded in a timely manner, it's just because this has been a hard semester.  Fall semester will also be hard- my last math class (if I pass this math class) and astronomy.  
Wish me luck!
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1) I will be doing a friends cut this weekend.  My flist is getting too big with people that I never interact with.  Plus, I'm in a new fandom.  If you get cut don't take it personally.  It's all cool.  I'm not going to cut anyone that I know personally but if we met at some fandom friend-finder and never talk, I just might cut. If you think you might be on that list and don't want to be cut, let me know.  Again, no one I've met in RL will be cut.  I'm just in a different fandom now and want to widdle down what little free time I have to devote to LJ.

2) I will be going off the grid tomorrow.  I'll be checking LJ around 5am but I cannot access LJ from work. Same with Tumblr. I will not be checking Twitter at all after 5pm. I'm in the wrong time zone to actually do the Misha-Fest but I will be watching the season finale at 8pm. I will be back online at 10pm

3) My teacher smelled really good tonight.  I dunno if it's the soap or maybe he used cologne, but good gravy.
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Many of you guys didn't know (I hid it well) but I smoked for 20 years.  This is my 1 year anniversay smoke free

I had my last cigarette over a year ago.  I am free!  

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Yesterday I did house work, bought new clothes, finished my homework and read.  Today- I'm taking the day off.  I'm gonna go for a walk then come home and either knit or read some fic.  Depending on my mood.  I just want to get out a tromp through the orange and gold leaves.  It's beautiful outside- plus not raining which is a bonus for Fall in the Northwest.

Tomorrow- I am having detail cleaning of my teeth, plus a biopsy on that lump in my jaw.  Dentist/me think it's nothing, but we just want to check it out.  I've had this lump for about 7-10 years and it hasn't gotten any bigger, doesn't hurt and is pretty stable.  But what I am freaking out about is I'm going to get at least 4 shots, plus the biopsy.  Ugh.  This is the new dentist that replaced my old one and he seems nice but I haven't had any real work done by him yet.  Not looking forward to it.  Then- Tuesday is my first full test in math.  I have the concepts down but since I'm a little slow with the times tables and we can't use calculators on the test, I hope I finish on time.

Until then- this is devastatingly beautiful.  Spoilers up to end of S5. (Dean/Cas, Dean/Jimmy)

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I know I promised pics of last weekend's squeefest with David Nykl. I will- I promise.  School and life is kicking my butt.  But- I got my financial aid check with enough left over that I paid for my Propworx auction piece this morning.  \0/.  Now I just gotta get the piece, get a large enough frame and hang that bad boy on my wall.  Plus, post pics from this weekend.

I have a study group for my math class this afternoon, then I need to come home and clean.  Miss Beatrix threw up overnight.  So this morning, she got a big stripe of Petromalt.  Needless to say, she is not very happy with me.

Ok, gotta head to work now.

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Just got out of my 1st math class.  I still don't have my text book, so I 'm going to pop into the tutoring building tomorrow to xerox the book so I can do the homework assignments.  At least they aren't due until next Tuesday.  But- I will get another set on Thursday.  The library lab instructor is willing to do an over the phone meeting with me, so I don't have to take time off from work to go in, which I was not going to do anyways.

My math teacher is really cool- but he has a very interesting last name.  It's Toutonghi (too-tōn-jee).  I think it's French, but I could be wrong.  Anyone know?  I just found it fascinating.  I think I should have been paying attention, but there is just so much order of operations lecture one can handle before they daydream (and I already know it- Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally)

Ok- off to bed now
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1- I got into the math class I needed.  I just found out this afternoon when I went to school on a whelm.  The advising office has been stringing me along for the past month.  2 weeks ago I was begging for an apointment in the evenings.  I just started this job- I cannot take time off yet as it's bad form.  Last week, they asked for and received my cell number to call me during my work hours.  Co-worker was willing to cover me for a few minutes.  No call from them.  So I went in today and found out that I did indeed get into the math class that starts *tomorrow*.  Ok- all is well.  Except financial aid this time did not cover my textbooks at $150 each.  Two are needed for this class.  I have rent due on the 1st.  The bookstore sells used, except they are all sold out of used.  They also do renting, but all the rentable copies are already gone.  Bookstore told me that I shouldn't have waited this long. *big sigh*.  Financial Aid told me to call the Women's re-enter center and see if there is some help I can get.  Oh, and one condition of Financial Aid is I need to have at least 6 units.  Math is 5.  I signed up for some cheesy 1 unit library class, except they meet once a week 11am to 2pm.  I work 7am to 3:30 pm.

2- From the Propworx Auction, this is the piece I won: Lot 760.  I really do not remember where in Atlantis these were hung. Could someone refresh my memory?  I am thrilled to get a piece of the set but it would mean more if I actually remembered a scene with it.

3- Maybe one of the lovely ladies who accompanied me to the auction can also chirp in, but I am appalled by how the props/set was treated by Bridge.  The guys are Propworx made it sound like the set was being ripped apart and junked.  And not in a we worked really hard on this set and put lots of time and effort into it, so we're going to be gentle taking them down kind of way.  Things were ripped off walls, props were broken, the Atlantis Gate was taken apart (from what I understand, not 100% sure) by a chainsaw.  One of the Gate segments was damaged.  There were a few Staff Weapons that could be sold, as many of them were bent terribly.  One entire Thor puppet is in such bad shape, they didn't want to even try to travel with it.  I understand if things get broken on a live set, but it sounds like Bridge just trashed many items.  The Propworx guys said that Bridge told them to take some trucks up and load up whatever they wanted. They just didn't care.  It was so sad.

4- SGA Big Bang went live this weekend and I didn't know until this evening.  Gotta head over there toot-sweet.

5- I get to see David Nykl this Saturday in Vancouver.  Life is good.
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Thank you for all the Birthday wishes yesterday.  I really appreciate it.  And today I get the auction catalog, so I  get to drool on the pics. 

I didn't sleep well last night and was awake until after midnight.  I am in no shape to work today, but off I go.

Tre cool

Jul. 4th, 2010 07:05 pm
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Attach camera to the Blue Angels = awesome
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How about a weekend of what makes me happy!  4 days of fun!

Day one: Community

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I love my new job! Everyone is super nice and relaxed.  The person who I am replacing (She got a promotion) is bending over backwards to help me with anything.  I went live on the phones yesterday. 

Gotta run!  It's raining and traffic is already backing up. I'm gonna try to leave early.  My manager is thinking of changing my schedule to 7-3:30 which would be wonderful.  It would be a bear to get used to getting up early, but leaving before traffic gets back would be wonderful.

OK- I know I say something then change my mind.  If there are any tickets for the Hewlett M&G left by payday, I just might snag a seat.  I emailed Sharon at Creation and they will continue the auction until it sells out.  They will not give tickets away. Happy!
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Getting ready for my second day of work.  That calls for a celebration

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Hello Jennifer:


Congratulations!  You are confirmed to start at xxxxxxxx on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 8:00 am.  We have also confirmed that your pay rate will be $13.50 per hour.


Please contact me if you have any questions.  Have a great evening!


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I just got back from Toys R Us.  My friend's kid will be 2 on Sunday, so I was invited to his party.  Us younger kids gotta stick together!  Well, he's into farms and farm animals and most stuff is kinda, well, girly.  I was trying to find gender neutral toys.  I came across this:

Remember these?  I loved these.  They have remakes of all of them- Farm, School House, Airplane and Ferry.  Too Cool.  Almost makes me wish I had kids.  



May. 19th, 2010 01:55 pm
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That interview that I had on Monday for the telecommunications company....

They want a 2nd interview!  Weeeeeee.  Tomorrow at 9am.  Fingers doublely crossed, ya'all

me = fail

May. 15th, 2010 12:12 pm
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I have had 'Sherlock Homes' on my ipod for over a week and have not watched it yet.  Oy.  I really want to.  Maybe tonight if I'm not going out.  I've heard the movie is awesomecakes so I just need to sit down and watch.

I have an interview Monday.  Yippie!  It's with a multinational phone/intercom company.  I must read through their website so I sound halfway competent in my interview.  It's always good to ask questions about the company.  It shows that you have taken time to look into the company and have initiative.  I'm not gonna say 'wish me luck' since I still haven't secured a position, but I will ask for any positive thoughts you can swing my way.  I'm gonna get my roots touched up today to make myself all professional for my interview.

28 days till Hewlett Happiness and Flanigan Fun!


Apr. 8th, 2010 09:11 am
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I got a job today and tomorrow.  I need to work, so I snagged it.
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So I got all gussied up yesterday and drove my rear out to Kirkland for an interview that lasted 5 minutes.  I am getting so frustrated right now.  This was for a temp job that may turn into a fulltime position, but for now it would be PT like 8-1 for $10/h.  TEN DOLLARS AN HOUR.  I've been working in this field since 1997.  I am a professional. No, I never finished my college degree, but I have taken many courses that have to deal with admin and office work.  I am Ianto Jones.   Well, I don't snog my bosses, but you know what I mean.  So now I am fighting over scraps.  I've interviewed with other employment agencies and they all keep telling me that I'm worth at least $17/h.  But I never get any work with them.  

Plan- keep temping until April 8th.  After convention, send out resumes like crazy.  I just feel so annoyed that I have to jump through hoops and the guy I'm working with keeps trying to low-ball my worth.  If I have to work 2 jobs at once, I will, but I don't like the fact that he is representing me as a low-figure employee.  I've been trying to get in touch with these other agencies, but I always go right into voice mail. 

I have two conventions to look forward to.  I just gotta keep reminding myself!
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I got home today and what was in my mail box?  The census!  Whoot!  This is my 1st time doing the census.  In 80 I was too young, 90 I was a junior in high school, 00 I was living in a converted 2 car garage that was made into an apartment (not technically legal but kickass nonetheless) so I didn't get it.  I got one now!  I feel so grown up!  Finally at 36.  Ok, I really am a big goob.
I did my taxes yesterday.  I went back to the same guy as last year who got me that kickass over $1000 refund.  This time, it was less because I didn't work very long last year, but I still got over $700.  I can still claim that loss I took when I sold my Mom's house for a few more years at  max of $3000 a year.  Whoooo!  Without kids, I don't get the cool deductions, so I am really excited about this.  I was hoping for a couple hundred for Vancouver.  Some of this money will offset my car registration ($169 I believe) that will last until April 11.

Now to find some work


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