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Posted when I was in Chicago so just posting now. Even if you've seen before- watch again

Overlord in training!
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added to Saturday Supernatual Vancouver Convention!!!
Pics of this sexy mofo here

Dude- I got my ticket today O-15 for Saturday only (Aug 27th). Anyone else going? 

(fingers crossed now for Mark Sheppard on Saturday, too)

Oh weekend

Apr. 9th, 2011 10:58 am
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Won't be on much this weekend- I might stop by for a much needed break.  This is my last weekend to get the house in order before guests.  So it's stripping couch covers off and steam cleaning carpets to dusting to pretty much everything. I can do it, but I also have homework on top of that. Both my math and my business class homework to do.  Woe is, I can get it done fine.  To clean my house takes me a total of 3 hours and to detail clean- add another 2 hours to that.  3 hours today, 2 tomorrow and I'm done.  Going out dancing with [ profile] torra  tonight.  Never been salsa dancing before so this will be a fun evening.  

Until then, I'll leave you with pics from the SPN Rome con today. Enjoy!

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Spoilers and stuff.  If you don't want to listen, just turn the volume down.

mercury973: (Buddies) is 99% juvenile, but occasionally has threads that are incredibly awesome.

Bunch of nerds arguing about Atlantis.

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It was $21 and fit me.  How could I resist?

My very own Misha sweater.  Now if I could only smell like cinnamon.

Also- single day and general admission (the one I bought) tickets for Vancouver Stargate convention are on sale NOW
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From his Tweets:

JoeFlanigan Q: if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset?

JoeFlanigan A: Ronin and I steal a puddle jumper, pack it with beer, duct tape McKay in the back (tech support) and set up a new series: WraithHunter

JoeFlanigan Or should I say "Wraith-Busters"

Someone needs to run with this and write it NOW! 
I would if I had any talent.


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