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it's crappy but I want this poster in RL like woah


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Just bid on Misha Collins' Meet & Greet for the Vancouver Convention next month. If you have any spare karma, I would love to take it. 

Fingers crossed!!!

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Just emailing with a dear friend *waves* about tickets to the Vancouver Supernautral Convention next month.  Anyone else going?  If you're in the Seattle/Western Washington area and need a ride, let me know.  Oh, you need a valid passport since it's in Vancouver. 

Tickets are:
Silver $419
Weekend pass $95
Friday preferred $40
Saturday preferred $55
Sunday preferred $80
Friday general $20
Saturday general $30
Sunday general $50

I'm thinking about the daily preferred tickets since the main con room is pretty big and I don't want to be WAAAAAAAAY in the back.  The silver tickets have autograph tickets- the rest do not. I already have my Misha photo op & autograph.  All Jensen tickets have already sold out.


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Friday night- ONTD_SPN party will be watching:


Link here               
 4:30 Pacific, 7:30 Eastern

Currious about the plot (What plot?) spoilers and lulz here:

Come for Misha on his knees with handcuffs, stay for Torri Higginson rocking the world's worst accent.

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6 days till Summer Break
67 days till Stargate 2011 Chicago Convention
74 days till Supernatural 2011 Vancouver Convention

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Pimping from [ profile] tiptoe39 

Last night's episode of Supernatural left a lot of us with holes burning in our hearts. Relationships needing to be repaired, misunderstandings needing to be cleared up, cross purposes and priorities needing to be put straight... So here is a chance to get some closure while we wait for the season finale.

The Rules:
1) Leave a comment with a prompt or an idea.
2) Respond to others' comments with fic.
3) Any pairing or no pairing is welcome. Het or slash. Comedy, romance, fluff, drama, angst, even tragedy if that's what you're looking for.
4) Please leave feedback for fics that you enjoyed reading!
6) No wank or ship wars. Whining about how the ep made you sad is fine, but nothing that could be interpreted as an attack on other fans or ships.
7) Anon is OK. Smut is OK.
8) Feel better!
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Have you guys seen today's Random Acts front page?  LOL
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Spammin ya'alls flist.  Snagged from Tumblr


And with that, I bid you good night.
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Another pic from PaleyFest snagged from Tumblr.  Yep, it's of Misha.  I can hear all the shocked gasps from here. 

Under cut since it's so big

That's what she said )

How can that man have eyes that blue???
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Spoilers and stuff.  If you don't want to listen, just turn the volume down.

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Does anyone here have satellite radio?  Which service do you use?  Do you like it?  How often do you use it?  

Just curious about it.  I was looking around and saw that an plug & play XM receiver is $79 locally.  

Also- Not sure if you've seen this, but Misha Collins did an interview with a Russian SPN site.   The bottom of the page it's translated into English.  No spoilers, but this is A+ material:

Q- If you hadn't got into acting, what would you do for a living? What else do you like to do except acting? Any hobbies?
Misha- If I hadn't gone into acting, I would be a horse trainer or a tunnel digger or a swan.

How is one man so awesome?

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[ profile] daily_misha is opening on Monday 10 January 2011!
Waiting for the snow to start to fall. 36f outside and light mist.  Fingers crossed!


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