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First day back in school and I'm already exhaused.  Astronomy looks like fun, but the math might be hard.  To place in this class, you need to be at a math level one down from me.  The teacher expects us to be 2 levels ahead of me.  D'oh.  Google will be my friend in this class, I reckon.  I'm not planning on being a astrophyisist, no matter how fun McKay makes it out to be.  In my math class, I'm the only person from my last class in this one.  I know only a friend of a friend.  One person from my last class said he was signed up last spring, but either dropped, was a no show, or is haivng medical issues (reason he had to retake from being out so much). I'm in a table with some kids right out of high school again. They are so cute!

Last call for GeekGirlCon.  Please let me know asap.
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Back in school today.  I picked up my astronomy book on Saturday so I am all set. My back pack with my text book and binder (with calculator) is also in the back pack. I got a microwave meal that I can nuke and eat since I get to school early.

I will not moon over my teacher
I will not moon over my teacher
I will not moon over my teacher
I will not moon over my teacher

I need to get a life and actually be interested in someone I actually have a chance with.  But try telling that to my heart.  I'll let you know how it goes

Mad-ass storm expected today.  I can't wait to see it pour since we haven't had much rain in a few months
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One final down, one final to go.

Took my business final online last night. We have until Wed, but I decided to get it over with asap so I can concentrate on my math and watch some of the game on Wednesday.  440 out of 500.  I've been getting 85-100% on all the tests and 100% on all the weekly assignments, so I'm not worried about that class.

Today and Thursday are my last classes (possibly ever) with Hottie Teacher *frowny face*.

So by this time next week, I should be back to full time fangirling.  If I've ignored your posts or not responded in a timely manner, it's just because this has been a hard semester.  Fall semester will also be hard- my last math class (if I pass this math class) and astronomy.  
Wish me luck!
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OMG I had my first class back with hottie teacher and I missed him so much!  I dropped a co-worker off at Seatac then made it to school a half hour later than normal. *yeh* but parking was annoying so I parked a few blocks away and took my umbrella but it never rained. ANYHOO I was hanging out in the math building lobby reading some fic on my e-reader when I hear Mr Hottie Himself. He went around the room and was talking to various people.  I nonchalantly looked over to him (like I was looking for other people) he he looked at with and beamed.  Eeep.  So then he was on his way to check in to the math proctor and said Hi and was very happy that I was taking his class.  Double Eeep.

About 5:45. the janitors opened the class room so I went in a sat at a seat in the back, thought screw this, and moved one table forward.  Some friends from my fall math class sat up front and yelled "Jenn- get your butt up here" so I am now sitting RIGHT IN FRONT of his table.  He again was talking to the class but looking my way.  After class, I usually give a friend a ride home because it's sorta in my neighborhood and not a big deal but she was getting some stuff, so I got to talk to Hottie all by myself  I told him that i was so happy to be back in his class and that I think he;s an amazing teacher.  And he BLUSHED.  *ovaries explode* and said he was glad that I was back too.  

Class Tue & Thu.  I have a test on the first night of the Vancouver Con.  He said that since he knows me and my working habits, I can take the test when I get back on Mon or Tue, as long as it's before the next class.  Even if he doesn't like me, I know he likes me.  Plus, he was mentioning that he has his 20 year high school reunion this year which means that we're the same age and he was opening up more about his other teaching job and how he wanted to be a physicist but his father teaches Physics and he didn't want to take his Dad's class since he was going to the university his Dad teaches at.

*I don't think my feet have touched the ground since 5:30 today*

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Back to school tomorrow.  Business class online and evening class with Hottie Teacher.  Not gonna lie- I'm looking forward to class.

Mah babees

They're gonna be 12 next month
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I need to sign up for my next quarter math class. Everyone is in a rush, but there is little rush for night classes (hurray!)[Poll #1681960] Oh and FYI- I was able to go to bank #1 and withdrawl the money then drove to bank #2 to deposit to cover my overdraft before they charged me $30 fee.  Woot!
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For those who aren't on my Twitter


I have never received a A in any math class. In my entire life. Ever
 FA 10    INFO  106         INFO IN ACT:FINDING & EV       3.8          1.0     

Qtrly: Gpa Cr 6.0 Cr Earn 6.0 P/S Cr 0.0 Grpts 22.3 GPA 3.72

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Finished Math 81.  (applause).  I think I screwed the pooch with the test, but I was driving some fellow classmates home and they mentioned that we're going to get partical credit for attempting problems, even if we didn't answer them correctly.  I took the full 2 hours. I'll miss my teacher, but he has my email address and I hope to see him in the math lab next semester.

Ya all have heard the news about SGU

Tomorrow, Simon goes in for a check up.  I know he has gained weight and is more active.  Doctor might want to run another blood test, just to be sure.  All looks good on this end.  Fingers crossed he doesn't find anything else.  Simon is acting almost back to normal now and has gotten quite a bit of his strenth back.  I'm very optomistic.  After Simon's visit, I'm gonna pass out in bed.  Can't wait!


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