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Got my hair did today. What do you think?  I love it

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I got my Misha Collins photo op today.  Thank you [ profile] itsjustgwen for picking it up at the convention on Sunday. I will scan it and share but I don't have access to a scanner until Tuesday (being a holiday weekend and all) so I thought I'd impress you guys with my MS Paint skills

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OK- in a little more than 24 hours, I will be in line for photo ops with the Grand Pubar Overlord Misha Collins. I still do not know how I want to pose. Does anyone have any ideas?  This is my first photo op with him, so it either needs to be sweet or over the top. 
Still wish I could do the Cockles op.  Oh well
P.S. LJ is blocked at my work, so I can't respond to any questions/suggestions until after 4pm Pacific. I will be heading up north after rush hour this afternoon.  Thank you
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I live for [info]cafe_de_labeill's work.

Warning- Dean & Cas. Rated G for 'giant hearts drawn all over it'
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Finished Math 81.  (applause).  I think I screwed the pooch with the test, but I was driving some fellow classmates home and they mentioned that we're going to get partical credit for attempting problems, even if we didn't answer them correctly.  I took the full 2 hours. I'll miss my teacher, but he has my email address and I hope to see him in the math lab next semester.

Ya all have heard the news about SGU

Tomorrow, Simon goes in for a check up.  I know he has gained weight and is more active.  Doctor might want to run another blood test, just to be sure.  All looks good on this end.  Fingers crossed he doesn't find anything else.  Simon is acting almost back to normal now and has gotten quite a bit of his strenth back.  I'm very optomistic.  After Simon's visit, I'm gonna pass out in bed.  Can't wait!
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One of the most inspiring things I've seen.  Barsij militia fleeing protesters in Terhan,  Watch till the end when the cowards turn and run.
I am just amazing at the courage of the people of Iran. 
I know no one from there will read this, but I am still with you. 

In addition, here is a really good viewpoint from "Lumi" on 

under cut if you're interested. )

Mad props

Jun. 14th, 2009 12:41 am
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Still up, and reading the Iranian Election riots coverage.  Where?  On Twitter.  Really.  Last report, internet, texts and phones have been shut off.  News coming in bit and pieces.  Amazing pics here

Keep up the good fight, people of Iran.  I'm behind you. 


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