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Art snerched from Tumblr on how I feel about tonight's season premiere of Supernatural

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    If that is not to your liking, let Season 4 show you  how awesome they are   
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I live for [info]cafe_de_labeill's work.

Warning- Dean & Cas. Rated G for 'giant hearts drawn all over it'
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I'm sure you've all seen it, but if not, here is the Season 6 gag reel from SDCC

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So I was thinking of expanding my fandom window a little wider since I'm disgusted with the in-fighting in the SPN fandom and I was popping around and saw this gentleman who kept appering. Damn. My ex coworker let me borrow some of his Dr Who with Mark Sheppard, but I am hope this guy is in these episodes

I know my heads been up my rear with math and hottie teacher.  Gotta do something until class starts up again in Fall and Divine comes out.  Tonight, I was shown a pic of: Rory Pond (Williams)
Real name-  Arthur Darvill (he' s only 28???)



Is Dr Who my next big thing? Stay tuned! )

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Just found this randomly on You Tube- it was telling me about other vids and this popped up

from Paley Fest- video montage of so far in Season 6, plus bloopers from "that scene" in The French Mistake (2:42 min in)

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Pimping from [ profile] tiptoe39 

Last night's episode of Supernatural left a lot of us with holes burning in our hearts. Relationships needing to be repaired, misunderstandings needing to be cleared up, cross purposes and priorities needing to be put straight... So here is a chance to get some closure while we wait for the season finale.

The Rules:
1) Leave a comment with a prompt or an idea.
2) Respond to others' comments with fic.
3) Any pairing or no pairing is welcome. Het or slash. Comedy, romance, fluff, drama, angst, even tragedy if that's what you're looking for.
4) Please leave feedback for fics that you enjoyed reading!
6) No wank or ship wars. Whining about how the ep made you sad is fine, but nothing that could be interpreted as an attack on other fans or ships.
7) Anon is OK. Smut is OK.
8) Feel better!
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Fun fun fun fun party party party party. 
My nose won't stop running.  Please don't tell me I caught Francis' cold

Webclip of Supernatural 6x18 - SPOILER )
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Misha and Jensen reenacting "the scene" from When Harry met Sally at JIB Convention.

Oh Boys &Hearts;  Thanks to [ profile] fiercelynormal 

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Jim Beaver and Misha Collins are conspiring to keeping me away from doing my boring algebra homework.  It's working

 His little happy face!
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I'm not sure if you guys have seen this, but EPIC LULZ!

[ profile] cafe_de_labeill 's reaction to last night's episode of Supernatural (6X07)
Spoilers, obviously.  Plus, some potty mouth. 

Ok- off to do home work.
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JoeFlanigan For whatever it's worth, I've actually voted for David Hewlett over 5 thousand times. That makes at least 3 of us voting for him. Go DH



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