Sep. 19th, 2011 05:30 am
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2 days till my birthday.  7 days till school.  Why am I more excited about school?  4 days till Supernatural but I am not looking forward to that.
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Got my hair did today. What do you think?  I love it

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Thanks to [ profile] shaddyr for the heads up

Geek Girl Con in Seattle, Oct 8th - 9th

Seattle Center and EMP/Science Fiction Museum.

2-Day ($45) and Saturday or Sunday only ($30/each) passes available. Kids under 10 are free with adult pass.

Or you can save $10 and purchase your GeekGirlCon pass at these Seattle-area retailers.

Rush rush

Sep. 8th, 2011 05:54 pm
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Less than 24 hours until [ profile] pavaneofstars arrives \o/

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Little article from the Baltimore Sun  HERE

If you couldn't access the tweet (like I could not) you can find it above
From Jan 1998- written by Dmitri Krushnic.  .  It's about how interns at the White House behaved during the Clinton administration.  I can just see a 20 something Mish running around DC with coffee and documents that just need to be faxed "now".  Too cute
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Total spoiler (and tongue in cheek)

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Posted when I was in Chicago so just posting now. Even if you've seen before- watch again

Overlord in training!
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At O'Hare using their free 20 minute wifi to write this.  Had a blast in Chicago and can't wait till next weekend for Misha Collins.  David Hewlett & Joe Flanigan were extra adoreable this weekend.  I have some pics and reports, but just not time to post them.

Hey- I hear there is some news about Castiel this weekend. Can anyone give me a link?  There are people on this that do not want spoilers so please no discussion- but I would love if someone can throw me a bone here =)

See you in a few hours in Seattle.

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Getting ready to fly out to Chicago tomorrow. I've already posted the Saturday Night Live TSA commercial, so here's another funny skit.  See you on the flip side

This is it

Jul. 18th, 2011 05:53 am
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The big week.  Our executives from the home office in Japan will be flying out and all our sales reps will be arriving shortly. Today is the day to power clean the office, as well as my normal busy Monday activities.  Good thing I have extra time at work.  Thur/Fri everyone will be in for the annual meeting. I have to serve tea again to the chairman and former president of the company.  Which is highly stressful since I don't want to screw it up. Then we have our big BBQ lunch on Thursday.  Saturday is the golf tournament that I get to work all on over time (Convention money!) then one day off on Sunday then back to work.  I can get through this week- but it's gonna be stressful.  If you see me pulling my hair out, tell me to chill, ok? =)
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Spent yesterday with [ profile] skyebanshee and the gang at Pikes Place Market and downtown. Then we watched a couple of episodes of Due South. 

Today- breakfast in West Seattle then the Fremont Farmer's Market.  Then, I have stuff to do around the house.  But it's been a blast!   I'll have pics up later. 
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Its the end of the week It's July.Have some Soul Less Cas

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Here are my new glasses.  I'm getting used to them, as the perscription is a little stronger and everything is kinda wonky right now.  As I was driving home, I felt like I was going to throw up. I just have to give it time.

Looking tired tonight. )
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Took my last test tonight before the final.  We had an hour to finish and I was struggling on one question.  Those that were finished were able to leave the room, so there were very few people left in the class.  He walked by, saw which one I was working on, and told me how to solve it.

He ♥ me.  I 'm really going to miss him Fall semester.  

(I know he doesn't love me, but he's always so supportive of me in class.  Super nice guy)

And I can't pass up something from Tumblr-
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New vid from Heathyr-   Dean/Cas spoilers for Season 6, especially the season finale.
Song- White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons
Me- weeping quietly

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Supernatural Season 7!

And just cause, here is some Soul-less Cas

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My last day of SPN squee before I get in the SGA squee mode for the con this weekend.

Come for Misha crashing the panel.  Stay for Jared & Jensen playing with the screens behind them.  My fave vid from JIB 11


Mar. 23rd, 2011 09:04 pm
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Just got back from my math final. No idea how I did, but I should know within a week


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