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Title: My silly half-done song
Author: [ profile] mercury973
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: R
Summary: College AU- This is for the Valentine's day challenge.
Prompt: The boys have had a huge fight right before Valentine’s Day and have broken up. Matt desperately wants Dom back so he decides to serenade him (publicly or privately – your choice).
Disclaimer: 100% fake. Never ever happened and no offense is intended. This is the first time I have ever atempted a fic challege and I'm terrified it's crap. Also, I could not get the formatting correct so if it looks bad, it's my fault. Betaed by the wonderful [ profile] pwoperninjaelf and [ profile] torra who took my gibberish and made it a real story.

Matt? What are you doing here? )
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Dear self

STOP reading Season 7 spoilers.  You know it makes you all stabbity.
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Here are my new glasses.  I'm getting used to them, as the perscription is a little stronger and everything is kinda wonky right now.  As I was driving home, I felt like I was going to throw up. I just have to give it time.

Looking tired tonight. )
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1) I will be doing a friends cut this weekend.  My flist is getting too big with people that I never interact with.  Plus, I'm in a new fandom.  If you get cut don't take it personally.  It's all cool.  I'm not going to cut anyone that I know personally but if we met at some fandom friend-finder and never talk, I just might cut. If you think you might be on that list and don't want to be cut, let me know.  Again, no one I've met in RL will be cut.  I'm just in a different fandom now and want to widdle down what little free time I have to devote to LJ.

2) I will be going off the grid tomorrow.  I'll be checking LJ around 5am but I cannot access LJ from work. Same with Tumblr. I will not be checking Twitter at all after 5pm. I'm in the wrong time zone to actually do the Misha-Fest but I will be watching the season finale at 8pm. I will be back online at 10pm

3) My teacher smelled really good tonight.  I dunno if it's the soap or maybe he used cologne, but good gravy.
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Grades are to be available at 5am.  The school must be loading the grades, as I keep getting a "Server busy" message.  The suspense is killing me.  Fingers crossed, ya'all.
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I need to sign up for my next quarter math class. Everyone is in a rush, but there is little rush for night classes (hurray!)[Poll #1681960] Oh and FYI- I was able to go to bank #1 and withdrawl the money then drove to bank #2 to deposit to cover my overdraft before they charged me $30 fee.  Woot!
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We just had a fire in my apartment building.  It was confined to one unit on the 3rd floor and it's out, but the scary part is that the fire alarm never went off.  According to the gossip on my floor, a woman one floor up from me left her apartment to run an errand and left something cooking on the stove.  The people below her could smell the smoke coming through the vents and about three people in the building called the fire department.  Three firetrucks showed up.  I was sitting at home reading when I heard what I thought was a truck in front of the building, but it stayed there and I could hear shouts.  I went out on my deck and saw the firetruck and firemen milling about.  
I have my cat carrier handy if I need to get out since that's all I would take.  Everything here is replaceable.  Bea and Simon are not.  But I'm very concerned because the alarm never went off on any other floor except the 3rd floor.  

*deep breath*


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