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Here is the 2011 Stargate Vancouver Convention schedule.

Oh, Creation. Why do you do this to us?

Saturday, April 16

-----1:30 pm Joe Flanigan Meet & Greet for 10 lucky fans. SOLD OUT!
-----1:30 pm Photo Ops with David Hewlett, tickets at registration for $40

At the same time, guys? Really?  Not that I have a Flaniagn M&G ticket, but really?

Today, I gotta get an inflatable mattress at lunch.  I might have a chance to eat something.  Then I have to go to school from 4 to 6 to work with Hottie Teacher since he says Thursday's class is really important.  He's gonna give me personal time for tutoring.  Heh heh heh. I'm such a shamless hussy, of course I agreed.  Then rush home at 6 to finish getting the house together.  Then down to Seatac by 9 to pick up the gang.  


Damn right

Mar. 7th, 2011 02:42 pm
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Congratulations you have won item:

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Auction Day 1.  I didn't bid on anything today.  Sucks but I am saving myself for one item.  You'alls better not bid on the same item! LOL

Pics )
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We're up and taking turns in the shower to get ready for the day.  We're heading down to the auction in a few hours.  Expect pics real soon!
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David Hewlett is Awesome.  That is all.
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I've decided what I'm gonna get at the con.  Mainly because I'm broke. lol

Autographs- David
Photo- David

Father of my cat sitter gave me his copy of BvP to have David sign. All that is $100.  That leaves me with enough spending cash for food and fun without having to scrimp.  Sorry Joe- but David comes first.  But I'll be one less person in line for Joe.

See you guys either late Friday or Saturday.  I'll have my cell and netbook so feel free to contact me.
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I just wrote a quick email to Propworx to make sure that we can all go check out the items all weekend, and I just got this reply:

The items will be on display the entire time! We just schedule a separate viewing time if people want to take more time before the start of the auction to fully review.

The museum will charge standard admission, but there is no additional charge for our part.

We look forward to seeing all of you... please make sure to introduce yourself and your friends to me and I will try and have David, our resident Stargate expert, give you a little "behind-the-scenes" info!

Behind the scenes? OMG!  Is it David Read who works Propworx?  Should I start to kiss his hiney now? 
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Propworx Auction at the Science Fiction Museum.  Catalog here:


McKay's orange Fleece Jacket with his trousers.

I can have a few people camp out at my place, but my place is small and I have 2 cats and they are my babies, so they will be in the house.  But if you want to come to Seattle, let me know.  Also- it;s the weekend after my birthday, so we can have a party.

I want the orange fleece!!!!

EDIT- they're also selling 3 ZPMs!
EDIT #2- TWO personal shields!!!
EDIT #3- Kavanaugh's name badge!!!
EDIT#4- ARG!!! (anti-replicator gun)
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I'm vote 9500.  We have a little over 8 hours left to vote for Faxo's actor of the month.  We're not gonna beat Joe, but help David get over 10,000.

Vote here!  You can vote every 20 minutes.  I know it doesn't mean anything but let's support David anyways.

Voting ends 10 pm Pacific.
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Chicago on the 27th.  Seriously. 


David and Joe are gonna bring it.  OMG I am too excited, I can't think.  Come on next Friday!

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Hey all you Gatecon-ers.  Getting ready for next weekend's squee fest?  As some of you know, I am not going to Gatecon. I will be going to the Creation Chicago Con.  Why?  I'll give you a hint- his initials are D.I.H. and he's freaking awesome.  Anyhoo- I was thinking about popping over the border and hanging out with you guys.  It's been a while since I've seen the gang.  I was thinking Saturday evening, after the main panels and during the Qi Gong demo.  I don't know if you guys want to hit the auction afterwards, but we could stay downtown and grab some dinner somewhere.  If we want to hit an area away from downtown, I can park close by.  Otherwise, I was thinking of parking in a lot and taking the Skytrain around.  We have a week, so no hurry.  


Jun. 25th, 2010 05:27 pm
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I get home today and let the cats out.  I see my bookshelf.  On said bookshelf I have my Rodney and John dolls.  Only, both Johns decided to take a nap.

Very, very odd.  I did not put them this way.  I guess Sheppard really is a sloucher
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David cracking Joe up has got to be one of the best things ever

Large pic of cute )
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I adore this man )

like Omg

Jun. 7th, 2010 02:09 pm
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I won one of the Hewlett meet & greet for this comimg Sunday in Minneapolis.


Post from mobile portal
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Edit- cause I'm dumb, I forgot the concept of an 'auction'.  I have since then bid on a m&g ticket with Teh Hew.  
Thanks to [ profile] mapsandlegends ,   [ profile] nakedwesley  and [ profile] vecturist  for the kick in the rear.

That high-pitched squeeing you will hear Monday morning- that will be me when I win.  
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I love my new job! Everyone is super nice and relaxed.  The person who I am replacing (She got a promotion) is bending over backwards to help me with anything.  I went live on the phones yesterday. 

Gotta run!  It's raining and traffic is already backing up. I'm gonna try to leave early.  My manager is thinking of changing my schedule to 7-3:30 which would be wonderful.  It would be a bear to get used to getting up early, but leaving before traffic gets back would be wonderful.

OK- I know I say something then change my mind.  If there are any tickets for the Hewlett M&G left by payday, I just might snag a seat.  I emailed Sharon at Creation and they will continue the auction until it sells out.  They will not give tickets away. Happy!

me = fail

May. 15th, 2010 12:12 pm
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I have had 'Sherlock Homes' on my ipod for over a week and have not watched it yet.  Oy.  I really want to.  Maybe tonight if I'm not going out.  I've heard the movie is awesomecakes so I just need to sit down and watch.

I have an interview Monday.  Yippie!  It's with a multinational phone/intercom company.  I must read through their website so I sound halfway competent in my interview.  It's always good to ask questions about the company.  It shows that you have taken time to look into the company and have initiative.  I'm not gonna say 'wish me luck' since I still haven't secured a position, but I will ask for any positive thoughts you can swing my way.  I'm gonna get my roots touched up today to make myself all professional for my interview.

28 days till Hewlett Happiness and Flanigan Fun!
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I think I'm gonna go  HERE  Tickets have not been announced yet, but the flight will cost me around $300. 

I need to find a less expensive hobby
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I went up to Vancouver yesterday.  [ profile] itsjustgwen  took [ profile] mackenziesmomma  and I around to location sets.  Two places I went to:

Green Timbers Urban Forest- Harmony's planet (Harmony): Gateworld

Central Park- the park where John and Nancy meet up (Outcast): Gateworld

Now I gotta get ready for my meeting today in Redmond.  If you're in the area, check it out!


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