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So I was thinking of expanding my fandom window a little wider since I'm disgusted with the in-fighting in the SPN fandom and I was popping around and saw this gentleman who kept appering. Damn. My ex coworker let me borrow some of his Dr Who with Mark Sheppard, but I am hope this guy is in these episodes

I know my heads been up my rear with math and hottie teacher.  Gotta do something until class starts up again in Fall and Divine comes out.  Tonight, I was shown a pic of: Rory Pond (Williams)
Real name-  Arthur Darvill (he' s only 28???)



Is Dr Who my next big thing? Stay tuned! )

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I bought new glasses!!!!  My old ones are just not "doing it anymore" so I got some new ones. 

Purple.  I never would have thought it, but they actually look good on me. Funky enough to be fun but still professional. 

Now, I sit in a dark room since my eyes have been dilated.

Too cute

Apr. 23rd, 2011 09:44 pm
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Snagged from tumblr because

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OMG I had my first class back with hottie teacher and I missed him so much!  I dropped a co-worker off at Seatac then made it to school a half hour later than normal. *yeh* but parking was annoying so I parked a few blocks away and took my umbrella but it never rained. ANYHOO I was hanging out in the math building lobby reading some fic on my e-reader when I hear Mr Hottie Himself. He went around the room and was talking to various people.  I nonchalantly looked over to him (like I was looking for other people) he he looked at with and beamed.  Eeep.  So then he was on his way to check in to the math proctor and said Hi and was very happy that I was taking his class.  Double Eeep.

About 5:45. the janitors opened the class room so I went in a sat at a seat in the back, thought screw this, and moved one table forward.  Some friends from my fall math class sat up front and yelled "Jenn- get your butt up here" so I am now sitting RIGHT IN FRONT of his table.  He again was talking to the class but looking my way.  After class, I usually give a friend a ride home because it's sorta in my neighborhood and not a big deal but she was getting some stuff, so I got to talk to Hottie all by myself  I told him that i was so happy to be back in his class and that I think he;s an amazing teacher.  And he BLUSHED.  *ovaries explode* and said he was glad that I was back too.  

Class Tue & Thu.  I have a test on the first night of the Vancouver Con.  He said that since he knows me and my working habits, I can take the test when I get back on Mon or Tue, as long as it's before the next class.  Even if he doesn't like me, I know he likes me.  Plus, he was mentioning that he has his 20 year high school reunion this year which means that we're the same age and he was opening up more about his other teaching job and how he wanted to be a physicist but his father teaches Physics and he didn't want to take his Dad's class since he was going to the university his Dad teaches at.

*I don't think my feet have touched the ground since 5:30 today*

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I got my Cas paper doll from Mrspaper from the [ profile] help_japan  auction today.


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I guess it's that time of year again

Let me know if you want a Christmas/Holiday card.  If you got one from me last year and haven't moved, you're golden.  If anyone else wants one, go ahead and let me know.  Ok, for some odd reason I forgot how to screen comments.  I must be getting old.  Email me if you want a card, kay?  my username at gmail dot com.  

Currently have addreses for: Pavaneofstars, DJ Favorite, Strivaria, Karaotter, WickedWords, Neevebrody, JenniferJensen, Vecturist, KimberlyFDR, Openmydoors, Paraka,Rasah, Arlessiar, Torra, itsjustgwen, Elderwitty.  I think I need your new address Nakedwesley

Possible snow by the weekend!!!!!

My eyes!

May. 10th, 2007 04:39 pm
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Cannot---stand--- the-cute.  Avert your eyes while you still can

My eyes!

May. 10th, 2007 04:39 pm
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Cannot---stand--- the-cute.  Avert your eyes while you still can


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