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It's my babies' 12th Birthday! Kitty party at my place
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Originally posted by [ profile] djfavorite   I had to share.

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My apartment is so unbelievable stale!  But it's 24F (-4C)  outside so I can't leave the windows open.  Gah!  It smells like cat food and dirty clothes.

Oh, and you best not be trying to reach me tonight between 9 - 10 pm Pacific.  SPN tonight! 
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Since so much of my journal lately has been about Simon, Beatrix was feeling left out.  And she saw that the comfy bed was free

Pimping- [ profile] cafe_de_labeill  did a wonderful New Year's SPN pic.  Too cute not to share
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Let's see; what did I do in 2010

Got a job
Went back to school
Got my first A in math...ever (still thrilled about this)
Went to 4 conventions (Vancouver, Minneapolis, Chicago, V-Con)
Did two Meet & Greets with David Hewlett (Thanks again guys for the Vancouver one)
Ran into David Hewlett in lobby of hotel in Minneapolis
Switched fandoms
Got rid of friends who were negative towards me
Over one year smoke free

I know I did other things, but all in all not a bad year.  As long as I can keep Simon healthy, 2011 is shaping up to me a good year too.

Happy New Year!  Peace and happiness for everyone

Mr Poopie

Nov. 19th, 2010 07:09 pm
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I took Simon to the vet this evening.  He had blood work done.  I should know by tomorrow if it's something serious.  Vet thinks that it's his teeth.  Si's gums are red and one of his fangs is bent oddly.  Vet thinks that his teeth hurt which is why he's not eating much.  He never had dental issues when he was on dry food.  

I got an estimate for "worse case scenario" with pulling teeth and oral surgery.  $1000!  Looks like I might have to raid my piggy bank again.

For my new friends, this is Simon:


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