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My apartment is so unbelievable stale!  But it's 24F (-4C)  outside so I can't leave the windows open.  Gah!  It smells like cat food and dirty clothes.

Oh, and you best not be trying to reach me tonight between 9 - 10 pm Pacific.  SPN tonight! 
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Simon needs an ultrasound. We're gonna try to get him on different medications to support his liver. Procedure approx $700. I was able to pull $1000 out of investments so I have the money.  He was supposed to have oral surgery but his first blood work came back with his enzimes on his liver off.  We ran a more extensive test yesterday and it is his liver.  We're hoping the ultrasound tells us what is going on with his liver.  We may be able to control this with medication, once we find out how serious this is.  It's not a death sentence yet.  Vet says with the proper medication, Simon could live another 5 years.

Fingers crosses, ok?  Simon needs your positive thoughts. 

My boo-boos.  Simon is the tabby. Bea is the black kitten. They were so cute as babies!
This was taken in 1999.  They are 11 now.

It's back!

Apr. 6th, 2010 08:47 pm
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Tonight's NCIS-  BRILLIANT.  So so so so so good. 
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I got my tax refund today.  So I'm gonna spend it!  Simon is heading back to the vet's office.  He had an accident last night  (catbox related) and his illness is back.  We still don't know what is causing his constipation.  Today's visit is gonna cost me about $300.  Yikes!  Maybe less since I shaved his bottom last week because of the fact that he had dreads there and he will not let me brush him.  He bites!  I don't want him to get mega-colon because there is no cure and cats need to be put down for that.  He's been on special medication, laxitives, high fiber foods, and petromalt. I even had a tumor checked to see if he had cancer.  He was fine for a few months and now it's back.  I am scared that there is nothing we can do with him.  Today,. they will most likely give him another x-ray and another enema. After that, who knows.

Is worried.

Oh man

Feb. 27th, 2010 07:57 pm
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I spent all day cleaning my apartment.  Scrubbing showers and organizing things.   Then I go to Trader Joe's and when I get home-

I find a black spot on the carpet ) Tomorrow is the first Seattle Stargate Meetup group. 2pm at Tully's Coffee on 45th Ave N. If interested, please see here. I'll be there with the blue stripped sweater. C-ya there!
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Kitty massage!

Off to the store to buy some zicam and soup
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Spilled some cat litter on the floor while refilling the large litter bucket.  While doing that, I got a phone call and forgot about sweeping it up.

Bea decided to check it out.  And rolled around in it.

She used to be a black cat...


Update- I heard from the County of Santa Cruz.  I've requested a new copy of the form.  I just have to get Santa Cruz Title to pay for it.


Jan. 27th, 2010 03:17 pm
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Blah blah ramblings )

So helpful

Dec. 16th, 2009 07:36 pm
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Simon helping me wrap gifts. So helpful

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Beatrix loves her cat tree

Hugs to all who gave snowflakes!
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Simon is going back to the vet this morning.  He's constipated again.  He did go a little overnight ON THE CARPET.  I don't know what to do with him.  I'm not angry because he can't help it, but he's been in pain and having issues for a few months now.  All his blood work and xrays came out negative.  I may have to put him on prescription food.  


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