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What is Mishafest?

I am so glad you asked that. Mishafest is basically an orgy in honor of Misha. Mishamigos gather and celebrate the wonders of Misha by simultaneously viewing episodes of Supernatural in which Misha is on-screen for more than 10 minutes. There will be liveblogging, graphics, and other tumblr-related things that occur whenever there is a new episode of Supernatural.

When will Mishafest start?

I am so glad that you’ve completely ignored the text I put on the invitation above. The first (of many—I hope) Mishafest will be held on May 19, 2011 at 12NN ET, and will occur again at 9PM ET (on the same day) for those who wish to participate but aren’t available on the first run.

What is ET?

ET is one of Steven Spielberg’s blockbusters; it is also one of Katy Perry’s singles. ET stands for “Extra-Terrestrial”. Urgh. No. In this context, ET is “Eastern Time”. As in New York/Canada time. If you don’t know how that transmutes to your time, then I suggest Google or an airport (they have clocks for all the timezones).

What is the purpose of Mishafest?

Season 6’s finale is coming up. Over the recent weeks, we’ve been stressed about Misha’s fate on the show. This Mishafest is supposed to ease us into the finale, and contribute to the “calming of our tits” while appreciating the beauty Misha Collins.

Why these three episodes?

Well, for starters, there’s a lot of Misha in it, and I’m limiting it to three because I know people need sleep. Also, I chose these episodes because a) The seasons Misha was/in are equally represented; b) Each episode is the summation of Misha’s character in the season it belongs to; c) They’re in my top 10 favorite SPN episodes

Will there be other Mishafests succeeding this?

Maybe 4.16, 5.14, 6.15? We’ll see.

What am I supposed to do now?

Free your schedule. Download the links below. Bite your nails. Wait patiently. Be there on time. Optional: Follow those who intend to participate so there’ll be a relevant party on your dashboard; If you’re joining and you wish to entertain me by being relevant to my interests at that particular time, leave me a message in my ask and tell me to follow you for happy tiems.



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I got my Cas paper doll from Mrspaper from the [ profile] help_japan  auction today.


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Hey kiddos- the Emerald City ComicCon starts today. I'm not going but I am gonna meet the folks for dinner Saturday night.  If you want to hang out, drop me a line.  Reminder- I cannot access LJ during the weekdays as its blocked at work.  See you there!

In honor of SPN Friday, here is my favorite scene from last week's episode:

Spoiler for 6x15 here, but da funny too )
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I just joined, like, 10 new SPN Castiel and/or Misha LJ groups.  I've got it bad.  I blame [ profile] pavaneofstars .  When she was visiting a few weeks ago, we took a walk up in Vancouver and she was going on about how awesome Misha Collins is and his charity work and his acting.  And now look at me.

You know, my dear, we have the same taste in men!  LOL

Plus, I was trying to sync my ipod and my laptop kept telling me that they could not find my itunes directory.  I was about to cut a bitch when I realized my external hard drive was not fully plugged in.  D'oh!

I bought some yarn today and I'm gonna really try to do something fun for Christmas gifts.  Don't hold your breath, tho.  School work comes first- and no, not just cause I have a crush on my teacher.  Jeeze!


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