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The gray was outta control. So I got my roots touched up and my stylist added a bit more umpf to the rest of my hair.  It's kinda brassy at the moment but it will fade in a week or too and settle down.

Anyhoo- I didn't want her to cut my hair since it's just at the point where I can put it up without the sides falling down, so I told her she could style it if she wanted to.  She out of the clips and fat curling iron and went to down.  I tweeted that it was sort of a 40s pin up, but I guess it's more of a 50s pin up.  I'm tired (and boy do I look tired in this pic)  

Large Pic- sorry- PB was not letting me resize )

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I fixed the TV Guide Supernatural cover. 
You're welcome

Mr Poopie

Nov. 19th, 2010 07:09 pm
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I took Simon to the vet this evening.  He had blood work done.  I should know by tomorrow if it's something serious.  Vet thinks that it's his teeth.  Si's gums are red and one of his fangs is bent oddly.  Vet thinks that his teeth hurt which is why he's not eating much.  He never had dental issues when he was on dry food.  

I got an estimate for "worse case scenario" with pulling teeth and oral surgery.  $1000!  Looks like I might have to raid my piggy bank again.

For my new friends, this is Simon:

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The internet....biggest time-waster in the world Y/Y?

I have stuff to do.  I've been up since 9am to do stuff. It is now after 11am and I am *still* on line.  Gah.   I want to clean up the apartment, do some home work and make a big enough dinner so I'll have leftovers for tomorrow' lunch.  So what I am doing?  Redesinging my LJ page (BTW does anyone know how to make the side margins larger?  When I tried to fiddle with the code, it screwed up the format)
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It's gonna be in the mid 90s F here.  That might not sound bad, but remember I live in Seattle.  Damn hot.

Documentary shows the effects of driving a car under influence with 10 different drug scenarios. Bonus, try not to laugh during LSD clip 

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One web group I belong to was talking about the Lindy Hop dance and came across this.  This is dance.  This is crazy.  I wish I had 1/4 of the talent these dancers had.

The Lindy Hop- From 'Hellzapopping" 1941

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The (#*#*#&& Post Office lost my transcripts to get back into college this fall.  They are due next Thursday.  Best part- I am filing for financial aid and I had to send in last year's 1040 that includes MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!!  So now I need to see if someone opens up a credit card under my name with said number.  Great.  And everytime I call the Post Office, they tell me to give them 2 days.  For over a week now. 

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Ok- someone here must know Gimp (SueKay- looking at you)

Me whining about GIMP )
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OMG! Recoil US dates!    He's playing on a Monday here, but I will go to this show, heck or high water. 
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I woke up at 3:30 today. I had fun at Gatecon Saturday.  Hi to all the cool kids there.  I didn't buy a ticket, but I got to hang out in the lobby and see Paul, Andee, Corin and Steve Bacic.  Plus, I got a cool sun hat.  

So now for a bit of silly.  What if Firefly came out in the 80s?

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Anyone know where to get streaming episodes of White Collar?  Hulu, Comcast On Demand and USA Network sites are a bust
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I know at least 2 of my flist are runners.  I'm thinking about starting a running program.  I really want to get in shape, take better care of my health and lose 100lbs before my 40th birthday (Sept 2013).  

What would you suggest as a good starting program?

Now, I just have to find a good sports bra for a 40DD. Yikes!
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Taken from Discovery Magazine  June 22nd satellite shot

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Even if you're not a fan of baseball- see the world's worst call.  And to top it off, the pitcher was on his way to a perfect game. 

Tigers vs. Indians- today
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I'm not a Michael Cera fan, but I may have to see this.  It looks awesome sauce

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Syfy Channel has a great new idea!   Cooking shows

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Oklahoma  5/13/10

And if you want to see streaming vid of chasers- they are here

Don't ask

Apr. 29th, 2010 09:16 pm
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I was getting pics together for my Vancouver meeting tomorrow and....don't ask.

I am so, so sorry.

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OMG the things you find on You Tube! 

Spike and Mike's Animation Tour used to swing through Santa Cruz at least once a year back in the 90s.  I'd always go if it was a Sick and Twisted Animation Festival. Those were the best.  Anyhoo- this was always my favorite cartoon.  It's not for children, mind you.

I present- The Dirdy Birdy!


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