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Happy Birthday [ profile] xterm!!!  We're gonna party like mad today!

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Thanks to [ profile] shaddyr for the heads up

Geek Girl Con in Seattle, Oct 8th - 9th

Seattle Center and EMP/Science Fiction Museum.

2-Day ($45) and Saturday or Sunday only ($30/each) passes available. Kids under 10 are free with adult pass.

Or you can save $10 and purchase your GeekGirlCon pass at these Seattle-area retailers.

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I was in a upper middle class area at 3:30 pm this afternoon, filling up my car. It was about 67-68 degrees, overcast but not raining. I was the only woman there at the time who did not get back into their car while pumping gas. I never do. I've seen this before but it really hit me today. Why? Why do women get back into their car? I could see if it was in the middle of the hood at 2am, but this was in a really safe area. Is it paranoia? I don't get it. Even if someone jumped into your car, every spot was filled and there was a line behind all the cars. No way out. I'm thinking it was an old urban legend that was used to scare women. I really don't get it.


Sep. 13th, 2011 04:44 pm
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Latest Gishwhes email. Cut incase you don't want to be spoiled

Whatever Misha's on, I want some )

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Dear self

STOP reading Season 7 spoilers.  You know it makes you all stabbity.

Rush rush

Sep. 8th, 2011 05:54 pm
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Less than 24 hours until [ profile] pavaneofstars arrives \o/

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Vancouver Superrnatural Photo Op



Sep. 6th, 2011 06:02 am
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This weekend, I finally plowed through 24 to get to Misha's episodes.  it was worth it- you were right [ profile] twisting_vine_x.  The line that kills me is (with accent)

I can still smell your perfume on my skin

<ovaries explode.gif>
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Happy Birthday s[ profile] skyebanshee

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I got my Misha Collins photo op today.  Thank you [ profile] itsjustgwen for picking it up at the convention on Sunday. I will scan it and share but I don't have access to a scanner until Tuesday (being a holiday weekend and all) so I thought I'd impress you guys with my MS Paint skills

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Did you guys see Misha's tweet?  Pic here:

Is he trying to kill us or something?
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Message to [ profile] twisting_vine_x

I got Season 1 of 24 at Silver Platters for $6.99. I will start with epsidoe 1 and wait for the good stuff.
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Little article from the Baltimore Sun  HERE

If you couldn't access the tweet (like I could not) you can find it above
From Jan 1998- written by Dmitri Krushnic.  .  It's about how interns at the White House behaved during the Clinton administration.  I can just see a 20 something Mish running around DC with coffee and documents that just need to be faxed "now".  Too cute
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Total spoiler (and tongue in cheek)

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Quick drive-by posting.  Still at [ profile] itsjustgwen's house and will take off soon to meet [ profile] mackenziesmomma for coffee.  I took some 300 pics of the con but most are blurry, so I will have to go through them and pick out the best. I also have Divine to watch, which I will when I get home-I was a donor to the cause.

One thing- after the con yesterday, I am feeling way more pesimistic about Season 7 then I did going in. I will post a spoiler heavy post later, but I'm sad after the con, not squeeing.  It was great meeting Misha, tho.  Two things about him in person


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OK- in a little more than 24 hours, I will be in line for photo ops with the Grand Pubar Overlord Misha Collins. I still do not know how I want to pose. Does anyone have any ideas?  This is my first photo op with him, so it either needs to be sweet or over the top. 
Still wish I could do the Cockles op.  Oh well
P.S. LJ is blocked at my work, so I can't respond to any questions/suggestions until after 4pm Pacific. I will be heading up north after rush hour this afternoon.  Thank you
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[ profile] grammarwoman got me a virtual gift!  How awesome of her!

This goes out to you:

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In 3 days, I get to meet 

Dmitri Tippens Krushnic


Aug. 23rd, 2011 06:13 pm
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Posted when I was in Chicago so just posting now. Even if you've seen before- watch again

Overlord in training!


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