Jan. 5th, 2011

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Hey kiddos!  I was going to post tonight, but I was able to get through the financial aid line quickly and I have a bit before my first class

We should start to get a plan together for Vancouver!!!

As most of you guys know, I live in Seattle, which is just a quick hop south from Stargate Central.  I have a small apartment in Nor Seattle with a queen bed, two couches and I can get a new inflatable mattress after Simon popped the last one (Waves at [livejournal.com profile] mapsandlegends )  

Somethings right off the bat:
1) I am working full time now.  I will be able to get time off from work, but once I have the dates, they are kinda set in stone, so I would like to get my time off in to my boss early.
2) I am also going to school in the evenings.  Today is the 1st day of the Winter Quarter and April is Spring Quarter so it's too early to know what dates I'll be free.  I just switched to Mon & Wed classes so I if this works out, I will continue next quarter. If I have class on the Wed of the con, I could let you guys head up earlier in the day and then drive up on my own since I'm use to it.
3) I have 2 cats.  I'm sure you know this but they are spoiled housecats and they are not the pet in the household- I am. So they will be there. They are 100% indoor cats.  If you choose to stay at my place, you may get viciously slobbered on by one of both of them (waves at [livejournal.com profile] pavaneofstars ).

I am planning on cheap seats since I spent so much on my Chicago tickets (3rd row!!!) and I really don't care about the set tour, so I am pretty easy about when to go up.  I want to see all the guests so we can decide when to arrive.  Again DAVID AND JOE AND KAVAN AND DAVID AND THE GANG!

What say you?


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